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Want to buy pure sativa strains online in Canada? Here’s where your search ends.

Pure Sativa strains — also called Cannabis sativa —  can energize you, feel that “head high,” and induce relaxation. This Cannabis strain is mostly found in South East Asia, Central, and South America.

While Sativa can be used for both medical and recreational purposes, the end effect is more or less the same: Get uplifting and stimulating effect with many of our sativa weed strains, available right here at our Oka Cannabis dispensary or available for you to order sativa online.

Sativa can be helpful in mitigating stress or anxiety. Many of our customers enjoy sativas to sharpen focus and to boost creativity.

Sativa belongs to the narrow-leaf varieties of cannabis (NLD) and it’s an ancient energizer. Feeling down the dump? Tired to the bone after a super-long road trip? Want to just chill and relax? Would you like to recharge?

Try any of our Sativa strains — and Sativa-based Cannabis products —  and you’ll feel new. For instance, try our Sweet Mango pie is a distinctly flavored mango recipe with Sativa lineage.


Want to buy Hybrid Cannabis strains online, In Canada?

Want the best of what Indica and Sativa have to offer? You should try out our Hybrid Cannabis strains (also available at our Oka Marijuana dispensary and online).

By using the hybrid Cannabis strains,you can allow yourself to feel happy, euphoric, uplifting, energetic, relaxing—it all depends on which hybrid you consume and what effects its “parent” strains are known to produce.

With the hybrid marijuana (or Cannabis) strains, you get the best of both what Indica and Sativa strains have to offer (if you like it that way!).

To know the effects of Sativa, trace the hybrid’s lineage (or its parent strains — such as Indica or Sativa) and that gives you a better understanding of what kind of effects you’ll feel when smoking or consuming hybrid cannabis strains.

If you are confused, you can always walk into our Oka Dispensary for Cannabis and ask our friendly staff. They’ll not only help but also provide insights on what Sativa products are best for you (and why?).


Buy Sativa Online, Right Here in Oka, Canada

Browse through our popular Sativa products online and place your orders right away. If you are feeling loyal enough, you can also subscribe and repeat your orders to make it easier for you to buy Sativa-based Cannabis products online.

If you’d rather visit us, walk into our Oka Cannabis dispensary located at Rue Saint, Oka, QC, Canada. Our business hours are 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM EST.


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